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BOEC Breaks Ground on New Facility

Posted April 27, 2017 by boec-admin

For the past several years, Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center (BOEC) has been planning and raising funds for major facility upgrades at its headquarters and program sites in Breckenridge.  Core to this plan is the creation of the BOEC Basecamp, a major remodeling and expansion of the Town of Breckenridge aging Sanitation Building on Wellington Street to meet critical functions and needs of the BOEC. These needs include the following:

Seasonal Staff Housing

The creation of seasonal field staff housing will enable BOEC to better attract and retain high quality staff, the most important element in our future success.  With the high cost of living in Summit County, seasonal field staff members struggle to make ends meet.  The standard in the outdoor programming industry is to provide low to no cost housing.  BOEC’s goal is to provide seasonal housing for 10 – 16 core staff in each season, summer and winter. This offers a major benefit to staff, making working for us more affordable and more easily attainable, and would potentially increase tenure.

Logistical Support and Warehousing in Support of BOEC Programs

Adaptive outdoor education and recreation requires an enormous amount of gear, from rafts to adaptive cycles to canoes to coolers and stoves.  Adequate warehouse storage and preparation space is extremely important to program quality and to the current and future success of BOEC.  Improvement and expansion of our support facilities at the BOEC Basecamp will position BOEC for many years to come to deliver the highest quality outdoor experiences possible.

Office Space for Administrative Support of BOEC Programs

Administrative support of our programs is critical to our success as well, requiring effective, efficient and accessible office space.  The BOEC Basecamp facility will include modern, functional workspace and IT support for our 10 – 12 administrative staff.

Office Space for other non-Profit, outdoor-oriented organizations

BOEC Basecamp will also provide office space to house 2 – 3 other outdoor-oriented non-profit organizations.  This shared space increases the collaboration and synergy between organizations with similar missions. Current organizations include Summit Huts and the Colorado Avalanche Information Center.

The Town of Breckenridge Sanitation Department building, built in the early 70’s and in urgent need of renovation, is the perfect site for the BOEC Basecamp.  Not only is it located in Breckenridge and only a short distance from our Wilderness Campus and Adaptive Ski and Ride School, it has the essential infrastructure, layout and opportunities for improvements that we seek.  The Town has extended a 50-year lease to BOEC that will allow us to make the improvements that will serve us well into the future. Planned additions and improvements include the following:

  • Add a 2,400 sq. ft. third floor to the building to accommodate staff housing for our seasonal staff. Housing will feature individual rooms for 10 – 16 staff members with communal living, kitchen and bathroom facilities, much like lodging at a fire station.
  • Construct a new pitched composite roof to replace the existing deteriorating flat asphalt roof. This improvement will improve the heat efficiency of the building as well as better handle the snow load.
  • Replace entire siding, repair windows and repaint. A new façade will enhance the professional image of our business as well as neighborhood appearance. Window repair will improve our energy efficiency.
  • Replace the obsolete heating system with an energy efficient boiler.
  • Replace obsolete bi-fold garage doors with sliding track doors. New doors will enhance safety and efficiency of the warehouse space.
  • Add an elevator that will access all three floors of the building. Currently, there is no assisted access to the upper floors, not the standard we need to best serve our constituents with disabilities.
  • Add loft storage to the warehouse space. As our operations have grown so has equipment inventory.  New lofts will make better use of the high ceiling warehouse space and expand storage capacity by 60%.
  • Add new floor coverings and interior paint; remodel and upgrade bathrooms. A refreshed interior will enhance our professional image and provide employees and guests with a more attractive and usable space.
  • Landscaping and expanding/resurfacing the parking lot.

Construction begins in April 2017, with a groundbreaking ceremony on April 26th, 1 PM. The project should be completed by the spring of 2018, in time for the summer 2018 operating season.

BOEC Basecamp has been made possible due to the generous donations and in-kind support of many individuals, businesses and foundations.  A special thanks to major contributors Peter Joyce and Rockridge Building, Jon Gunson and Custom Mountain Architects, the Town of Breckenridge, Tim Casey, Scott Downen and Columbine Hills Concrete, C&C Swanson Foundation, Breckenridge Grand Vacations/BGV Gives, The Summit Foundation and J.W. Kieckhefer Foundation.  A full list of contributors can be found at the BOEC website


Eric Mamula, Tim Casey (Chairman, BOEC) and Tim Gagen (former Breck Town Manger)

Eric Mamula and Jon Gunson (Custom Mountain Architects)

Tim Gagen (former Breck Town Manager), Wendy Wolfe (Town Council), DJ Schappert and Peter Joyce (Rockridge Building), Tim Casey (Chairman, BOEC), John Warner (former Mayor of Breck)

Jon Gunson, Eric Mamula, Tim Gagen, Wendy Wolfe, Peter Joyce, Tim Casey, Jeffrey Bergeron, Mike Dudick, John Warner, DJ Schappert, Meg Nuttleman, Bruce Fitch

DJ Schappert and Peter Joyce (Rockridge Building)

Deb Edwards (BGVGives) and Meg Nuttleman (Summit Foundation)

Mike Dudick (Town Council and Breckenridge Grand Vacations), Tim Casey (Chairman, BOEC) and Eric Mamula (Mayor of Breck)

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