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I’ve Gained Compassion & Empathy Enough to Outweigh Other Losses

Friday, June 21st, 2019

Rafting the Colorado River is part of BOEC's Challenge by Choice Adventure Retreat for survivors of an injury to the brain.
White water rafting is part of the Challenge by Choice Adventure Retreats

The following is from a letter written to BOEC program staff from a course participant after the Challenge by Choice Adventure Retreat, June 9-14, 2019, for survivors of an injury to the brain:

“Dear BOEC,

Thank you for the scholarship. I could not have attended camp without it.

This week I did so many things. We went rafting, cycling, and to a ropes course as our major events. Kayaking was especially fun and surprisingly relaxing. I can’t remember ever being more calm.

Everything about this camp was outside my comfort zone. I admit I was stressed out a lot. I definitely felt exhilaration from some of the activities, and pride from overcoming some of my fears; however, I think the hardest parts of camp for me were between events. I helped cook and nothing went wrong (or caught on fire). I helped set the table. I did dishes. I was useful. I don’t know how to explain how amazing that is.

I was asked if I had discovered any strengths this week. I certainly got along with everyone much better than I had expected. Perhaps I’ve gained compassion and empathy enough to outweigh other losses. Frankly, I was shocked at how easy it has been to accept, forgive, and have patience with fellow campers. This gives me hope that I can find a similar community at home, which is something I had give up on.”

If you or someone you know and love is interested in having an experience of a lifetime such as this, sign up for BOEC’s next two brain injury retreats; the Challenge by Choice Adventure Retreat II (July 7-12) and Challenge by Choice Adventure Retreat III (July 28 – August 2).

BIA course participant letter

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