Volunteer FAQs

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available?

Winter:  Adaptive Ski and Ride Program lesson assistant, special events

Summer: Special events, administrative projects, adaptive cycling, Wilderness Program

How do I become a Volunteer?

It’s easy! If you would like to become a Volunteer, just fill out our online form and submit it or call us at 970-453-5633 or email volunteer@boec.org. We’ll talk to you about your interests and together we’ll decide where the best fit lies.

Are there any specific qualifications I will need?

On-the-hill ski volunteers must have at least an intermediate level of skiing ability. Otherwise, if you have any particular areas of interest or skills, we can certainly use them. We will train program volunteers “on the job.” Come with an open mind and an open heart.

Do I need insurance?

To volunteer in the Adaptive Ski Program, YES. You must give us proof of health insurance. You must also bring your own helmet and wear it during all lessons and trainings

Does it cost anything?

In 2014-15, we instituted a $25 one-time charge for new volunteers. This helps to allay the costs of a background check and the training’s you are required to take. If this fee causes you undo hardship, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator. We do not want to turn away a great volunteer because of this nominal fee.

Am I required to work a certain number of hours per week?

No. However, BOEC would prefer that you work 10 days per season. This is because we spend time and resources into signing you up and putting you through the needed trainings. If we invest that time in you, our expectation is that you invest your time in us.

Do I have to come to the New Volunteer Orientation meeting?

BOEC will hold a Volunteer Orientation meeting on October 28, 2017 at 6:30pm. This meeting is highly recommended; you will learn important information about volunteering. We understand that there are schedule conflicts, but if you cannot make it, please make sure you have the information you need about the upcoming season

Can I get a season pass?

We are not able to commit season passes until after all volunteers have completed their training, usually mid to late November.   BOEC is given a limited number of passes which are given to returning volunteers first, then the remaining amount to new volunteers, who can work at least 15 days. In the past we have not had any problems with getting a pass to those who were interested, but we cannot guarantee a pass at this time.  However if by chance you do not receive a pass we do offer an additional one-day lift ticket for each day you volunteer, up to 15 days.  We can say from experience that if your only motivation for working as a Volunteer is to get a pass, the Adaptive Ski Program is probably not the place for you. Additionally, if you are not fulfilling your end of the bargain (i.e., not volunteering enough), it is the Program Director’s discretion to make your season pass inactive.

What sort of training will I receive?

Volunteer positions vary in length and responsibility. Volunteers who work directly with participants are provided training in adaptive equipment, disability awareness and BOEC procedures. New Volunteers in the Adaptive Ski Program must take at least three trainings, including:

Dryland Orientation
Disability Awareness
Skiing/Snowboarding 101
Skiing/Snowboarding Improvement
2 additional clinics of your choice

Return volunteers are required to do 1 full day of training

I am not built like a linebacker and can’t lift much weight. Can I still volunteer for the Ski Program?

Yes! Not all lessons require strength. There are plenty of students who require little more than a fun companion and encouraging words on the mountain.

I don’t have experience working with people with disabilities. Can I still volunteer?

ABSOLUTELY!! More than anything else we are looking for people who believe in the purpose of our program – that people of all abilities deserve opportunities for participating in outdoor activities in a supportive and nurturing environment where abilities, not disabilities, are the focus.

Are there opportunities available for snowboarders?

We are always seeking Volunteers who snowboard to help on lessons. You may go riding with someone who has an amputated limb or a youngster who attends an alternative high school. Proficient snowboarders can also become excellent assistants on sit-down lessons.

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